Function of Technical Advisor

The Manager has appointed Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd. (“Yuanta”) as technical advisor for the Funds.

Yuanta provides its services to individuals and government institutions. It manages separate client focused portfolios. It launches and manages equity, fixed income, and balanced mutual funds for its clients. It invests in the public equity and fixed income markets across the globe.

Yuanta was founded in 1992 and is based in Taipei, Taiwan with additional office in Taichung. Yuanta operates as a subsidiary of Yuanta Financial Holding Co., Ltd. The Technical Advisor is permitted and licensed under Article 63 of the Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Act of Taiwan and is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Commission of Taiwan. It has managed leveraged and inverse products since 2014, and now manages 16 leveraged and inverse products listed in Taiwan, all of them are futures-based leveraged and inverse products offered to the public. The Technical Advisor has listed 47 exchange-traded funds in Taiwan and has over 7 years’ experience trading in funds utilising futures contracts. The Technical Advisor has also acted as fund advisor for Thailand's Krung Thai Asset Management PCL and E Fund Management (Hong Kong) Co., Limited to list exchange-traded funds in Thailand and Hong Kong respectively.

The role and duties of the Technical Advisor are as follows:

  • advise and assist the Manager on the structure of the Funds;
  • provide training and education to the Manager to gain an understanding of the nature of the Funds and the operation and management of the Funds;
  • identify the possible risks for transactions and recommend the Manager on suitable strategies to mitigate the risk;
  • advise and assist the Manager in relation to the promotion and marketing of the Funds; and
  • provide advice with respect of the management of the Funds which the Manager may reasonably require from time to time.